Comment s’inscrire à une association de Cannabis à Barcelone?

As a Barcelona visitor you may be embarrassed by the complicated legal status of cannabis in Spain, and aware of dealing with it. But in fact, if you put some effort to review the question of joining a cannabis club in Barcelona, you will be able to find some of Europe’s best weed.

Barcelona is one of the best places in Spain to get weed

There are only two ways to smoke cannabis legally in Barcelona:

If you a tourist and you in Barcelona for a short while, joining cannabis club is the most relevant variant for you.

In the streets of Barcelona you can meet dealers offering to buy marijuana or visit «coffeeshop». It may seem cheap and simple in comparison with joining cannabis club cause you don’t need to register and pay an annual fee. But make no mistake. Since it involves the commercial sale of cannabis, it is illegal on both the part of the dealer and the buyer. Administrative fines are a penalty, and depending on the nature of the crime, there could be jail time to face.

The second reason to stay away from these doubtful offers is always the lowest quality of weed, while at the same time expensive price. As the only motive of street dealers is getting profit, you get trash quality weed, which real price 2-3 €, for the price of best-selected strains in cannabis club, which properly grown and stored. Membership fee, which you must pay to join cannabis club is usually equal the price of 1 gram of weed and it doesn’t change things. The illegal “coffeeshops” is represented gloomy placements, more resembling some haunt. Besides that, there are over 300 muggings a day in Barcelona, so it’s best to not take the risk.

So, I’m highly recommending you, to use this unique opportunity, offered by the system of cannabis social clubs in Barcelona.

Cannabis social clubs in Barcelona

The advantages of a cannabis club in addition is that they are fully legal for you as a visitor, plus you always have the highest quality of weed, wide choice of strains and also good and positive vibes that reigns inside.

Despite Barcelona, not the only place on earth, where you can one way or another get the weed legally, exact the atmosphere in cannabis clubs advantageously distinguishes it from other sites. In the USA notwithstanding technical possibility get cannabis legally, there are no special places where you can consume it.

List of a cannabis clubs in Barcelona   Read full article

And from Amsterdam, which immediately comes to mind, Spanish cannabis social clubs distinguish higher quality of marihuana and atmosphere of a private place. In Amsterdam the quality of weed in coffeeshops degraded at some point in time, owing to suppliers supplying these coffee shops began to grow cannabis on an industrial approach to production. And in Spain owing to stricter control over this sphere, marihuana in cannabis clubs is supplied by growers-enthusiasts.

That’s all then, so what’s the next? Let’s do it!

Cannabis club membership requirements

ОK, so what the terms?

  1. To be over 18 or over 21 depending on the club’s rules about age.
  2. Be able to show a government-issued photo identification, whether it is a driver’s license, passport, etc.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about what is required to become a member.

On very rare occasions when registering in the club you may be asked for Spanish addressIt doesn’t need to be a permanent home address. A hotel or temporary accommodation will do the trick. It can be any existing address in Barcelona, nobody will check it. Contrary to what is commonly assumed, you no longer need an intermediary to endorse you. You don’t need to be a Spanish citizen to join a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Currently, there is no law that forbids foreigners from registering in a cannabis club in Barcelona. Most social clubs will accept a driver’s license, a visa, a passport, a valid ID card or any other kind of photo identification as a valid form of identification, but others may only accept Spanish IDs. Student IDs are not valid forms of identification.

Choose a cannabis club to visit

You can do it in our catalogue or map.

Important information, to which you among other things definitely must draw the attention, when choosing a club is age requirement and opening hours. According to Spanish law, an 18 year­ old is considered a legal adult. In principle, it is legal for an 18 year old to consume cannabis but most clubs only accept 21 as the minimum age. Please take this information into consideration, if you want to join a cannabis club.

Some clubs features staff that speaks French, German, Russian and English, which makes it much more accessible for you if it’s your native language.

Then you must press the “apply for membership” button and fill in the fields of a form. By doing so, you request an invitation. Enter the correct name and surname (as it in your ID). You don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal data, clubs storage it with a great sense of responsibility.

Clubs are no longer allowed to issue a cannabis club invitation. However, they can instruct you to visit them at the reception desk with your ID. Any reply from a club that implies a face to face meeting at their reception desk is a cannabis club invitation. They can’t explicitly send you a cannabis club invitation anymore; therefore, you are going to have to read between the lines.

A cannabis club making new members will normally reply:

Thank you for your interest in our organization. Please bring your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (18+) at the reception desk. We can’t answer any questions till we meet face to face, so please be patient and follow the instructions.

No questions will be answered until you meet them face to face at the reception desk, so please be patient. No cannabis club invitation guarantees membership registration. So, don’t be rude if you get rejected.

Therefore, be kind and go to the nearest cannabis club in case you get rejected.

Joining a club

  1. Go to the club; ring the doorbell and show message which you receive at the reception desk.
  2. Show your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (18+).
  3. Then, you complete a quick interview so the club can endorse you. Meaning, you can be “endorsed” directly by the cannabis club to complete full membership registration.
  4. You will have to complete a membership application for the club.
  5. When you fill out the application you will have to attest that you are a regular cannabis user and that you will not promote cannabis use outside the club.

The first thing you do is choose the cannabis club which you decide to visit.

You will also have to estimate your monthly consumption. The sum of the memberships’ estimates of their monthly consumption is how a club determines how much cannabis it is allowed to grow, purchase, or possess within the structures of Spanish law. By becoming a member, you turn your personal use limits over to the club’s collective quota.

Paying dues helps the club grow or purchase enough cannabis to supply the members. For the most part, joining a cannabis club in Barcelona will require an annual membership fee of 20-50€.

As a general rule, there’s no need to pay more than 20-30€ as a membership fee. You will continue to “donate” every time you want to use cannabis in the club. Most places won’t charge more than 30€ anyway.  Make sure you have enough cash; usually cannabis clubs don’t accept credit cards.

It is technically illegal to “purchase” weed. So what happens once you are a member is that you will pay a “donation” to consume the weed on the property. So you don’t buy it, you just “acquire” it and the money you leave is a donation for the team to continue growing and cultivating the weed of the private club.

Most of the time, you will give 10-15€ in exchange for 1 gram of hashish or marijuana. This can vary from club to club. If multiple strains are available, certain strains may cost more than others. It will all depend on the club and which strains they have available.

We hope that you’ve found our little tutorial on the cannabis social club scene in Barcelona useful.

If you want to find a chill, relaxed place to catch your breath between sightseeing tours, you can’t go wrong with Barcelona’s many fine cannabis social clubs. If you’re down to partake in cannabis while you’re in Spain, these clubs can be one of the best ways to socialize with the locals, especially if you’re in town by yourself.

Want learn more about what waits you inside the club and how to behave? Look our article “First time at the club. What should I do?



Arthur Hutchinson

Cannabis culture researcher, journalist and consultant of Cannabis Guide Barcelona


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